How to publish your chatbot on Freshchat

You can easily publish your chatbot on Freshchat but before we start, please keep in mind that the following message types are supported by Freshchat:

  • single card with/without image including link buttons,
  • single/multiple quickreply without link,
  • image.

To publish your chatbot on Freshchat, first step is adding Freshchat as a channel. Go to the ‘Companies’ section using the navigation bar on the left and choose the company that the relevant assistant will work on. From company management, you need to click on ‘Channels’ to add
Freshchat as a channel.



Once you click on ‘CONNECT’ you will see that you need to fill a form to connect the chatbot with your Freshchat account. To fill that form, you should sign in to Freshchat, activate your account and get the required information as following.



After logging in to your account, you will see the following landing page. Here, you should go to the ‘Settings’ using the navigation bar on the left.



Here, click on ‘ACCOUNT SETTINGS’ and then on the new navigation bar, which appears on the left, select ‘Integration Settings’. Under the ‘AGENT MESSENGER’ heading you can find the App ID, simply copy it and paste it to the form in MindBehind.




Again, go to the ‘Settings’ section, click on ‘API TOKENS’.



If you have not generated any API Tokens till now, you should click on the ‘Generate Token’ button and create one.



Then copy it and easily paste it on the form.



Using the ‘SETTING’ section once more, this time go the ‘WEBHOOKS’.


Please make sure that Webhooks are ‘Enabled’ and you enter the webhook as

After doing these steps, name your Freshchat Channel and choose the agent you want to work with. Now, go to ‘Deployments’ section, select the version of your chatbot that you would like to publish and select the Freshchat Channel. Here you go, you can publish your chatbot and use it right away!