How to Integrate Masterpass to MindBehind

Masterpass is a digital payment solution to get payments safe and quickly. With this integration, you will be able to get payment from your customers with your chatbot, during the conversation.

From Company Management, select the Integrations section to see Masterpass integration.

When you click on ADD, you will see a pop-up that includes the required data from you.

For Integration Name, you can choose any name for this integration. Client ID, MAC Key, and Encryption Key are provided by MasterPass for your company. Merchant Email can be any e-mail address that you want, and External Merchant ID can be whatever number you choose.

Here, by clicking Update, you can make changes to this form.

To complete the configuration, click on Configure icon. It's possible to add multiple configurations to one integration.

After you clicked on the Configure icon, you will see a button says ''Add Configuration''. Select the icon to see this pop-up. Determining on Merchant Type is up to your company and Masterpass, and it's either custom or Macro Merchant.

If your Merchant Type is Custom,

You will see this form as you click on NEXT. This form requires your Virtual POS information which will be provided by your bank. You can name the configuration name as you want. Bank ICA is unique for all banks.

If your Merchant Type is Macro Merchant,

All you have to do is fill this form with the configuration name that you choose as well as the macro merchant ID that Masterpass will provide you.

It's possible to update the configuration in case of any changes.

Your next step will be selecting Branches and click on ADD BRANCH button.

Branches will help you to differentiate between your configurations.

Here the Branch Name and the External Branch ID is whatever you decide these to be.  Since you are able to add multiple configurations for one integration, you'll choose the configuration that matches this particular branch. 

After adding the branch, you'll see the Installments icon here. If you'd like to define some installments, first you should add BIN Groups.


To create installment options, select Bin Groups and click on ADD BIN GROUPS button.

BIN Group Name and BIN Group Code are the identifiers for you, you may fill those parts as you like. You may have different campaigns for several banks' cards. The POS system recognizes these banks and cards by the first 6 numbers of the card. Here in BIN Numbers, you should only use numbers and give the 6 digit card numbers by adding a comma in between like 123456,123457. 


To add the installment, go to Branches again and select the installment icon here.


Here, you should select one of the BIN Groups you provided and choose the matching bank for the installments you'll give. When adding the installment options, please make sure that you are only using numbers and putting a comma in between these options.

And you are ready to take payments via Masterpass :)


In addition, you can see the  instance of  the payment process in this conversation:

In this conversation, they select some products and register the address.  After selecting their address, they select the card  within their registered cards in masterpass. After their confirmation, their bank sends a confirmation SMS. After entering their confirmation SMS, the payment process is successfully finalized.

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