How to integrate a T-Soft store to MindBehind

It's easier with MindBehind to stay connected with your customers and assist them whenever they need you. Integrate your T-Soft store to MindBehind in minutes to create a whole new experience of e-commerce.


On Company Management, choose "Integrations" and choose T-Soft. To complete this process, you should already have a T-Soft store.

When you see this pop-up, please click on the link to continue configuration. 


Click on ''Install Now''.


Here, you should give the e-commerce website URL that you want to integrate into MindBehind.


You will again see a pop-up about MindBehind integration. To continue, click on ''Install''.


In this short form, the mail address that you should have entered is the mail address in your MindBehind account. After you give the e-mail and click on the button near it, the companies connected to that mail address will be listed. Choose the company that you'd like to integrate this store with.

Please make sure that you are an admin to the account you are trying to integrate T-Soft to.


Once you confirm that step, you'll see that MindBehind is installed.
To check the integration, you can visit your company's management page, and click on the section called "Integrations".