How to Connect IBM Watson

In MindBehind, when you want to connect a Watson Assistant, you need to fill following fields to complete the connection phase. AI Name is a text free field that you can name your connection as you want.


To fill other fields, you should go to your IBM Cloud account.  If you don't have one, please go to IBM Cloud and create an account. After you log into your account, please create a service if you don't have any. 


After creating the service you should be able to see it in your resources. Once you create a service, you will see the details of API Key and URL under Credentials.

If you already have a service, you can go to this page by clicking the service in Resource list. You will use these values for connecting Watson Assistant.  

After that please click on "Launch Watson Assistant" button. 


Please click on "Create Assistant" button.






As the final step, you should have a dialog skill  to build training data and a conversation. Please click Add dialog skill button for that.




You can add your existing skill, create a new one, use sample skill or import. If you do not have any skill, you can simply create it by clicking Create skill tab. After that you can name your skill and select the language.




Once you create your skill, go to "View API Details" part by clicking the three dots on your skill. 




You will see Skill ID  and this will be used for Workspace ID  in the pop up.



Please check the IBM documents for intent creation.